Our mission is simple. We exist to revive believers, reach friends, and renew culture.

Revive Believers

We want to partner with God in telling His story of redemption and grace to His children. In our specific culture we run into far too many people who were raised in the church and left it. Maybe they left because of a bad experience with other believers. Maybe they left because they were told lies about prerequisites for God’s love. Maybe they left because Jesus and His followers seemed irrelevant to their life. Maybe they left because the Gospel never really made sense to them in the first place. Whatever the reason, we want to remind the disenfranchised church of their status as beloved sons and daughters of Christ. We want to remind those who are burnt out on church of the Gospel of grace. We believe when we experience and live in the reality of grace we are revived and empowered by the Spirit.

Reach Friends

The mission of God has always been to bring back His children to Himself. When we ourselves are revived by grace we are going to long to share that grace with others. Grace is contagious and love leads to proclamation. Our mission as a church is to develop authentic friendships with those outside the family of God, to love them, serve them, and ultimately invite them into relationship with Jesus.

Renew Culture

Culture is anything and everything that humanity makes out of nature. Since Adam and Eves first cultural creation humanity has added to the common good of culture. This, in fact, is a good thing, God mandated us to “fill the earth and subdue it.” However, as our fallen hearts turn inward, the culture we create gets misconstrued, twisted away from its original divine purposes. The arts, economics, social institutions, customs, technology, entertainment and all of life get affected by our sin. As sons and daughters of the King, as His “new creation,” we seek to identify the distorted aspects of culture and reorient them towards their true end – the purpose and glory of God. Our mission is to have the character of Jesus seen in the culture we create – in all we say and do.