3 Days, Eternity and the Wrath of God

[Early today I was asked a question. Below is the question as stated, and my response] “If the penalty of our sin is eternal separation from God, and Jesus supposedly suffered the wrath of God on our behalf, why was He only separated from God for three days?” First of all, I should

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sermon postscript

Underneath The Changing Cultural Landscape

This past week the SCOTUS handed down it’s historic ruling on the issue of same-sex marriage. Some indications are that many younger Christians have celebrated this cultural moment with their gay friends. While pundits have commented on the same-sex issue at length, today I’d like to make a simple but

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Church Meeting Re-Cap

Our Semi-Annual Church Meeting took place this past Sunday, June 21. For the record, our next one will be Sunday, December 5 of this year. If you missed the meeting and want a copy of the calendar of events, email me and I’ll send you one. Otherwise, here are the

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