Pasadena’s historic Chapel of Roses is the worship center of Prism Church. Like many churches, we rent our worship facility to others for their wedding ceremonies and receptions, even if they don’t attend our church.

We are part of a trans-denominational association, which means that people from a wide variety of Christian traditions attend our church. It also means that a man and a woman from any Christian denomination can be married at the chapel. Even if a couple isn’t “church goers” but are interested in having a Christian ceremony for their wedding, they can get married at The Chapel. In fact, our pastors would be happy to officiate the occasion. If a couple has a Christian pastor that they would prefer conduct their service, that is fine with us, too.

If you are interested renting Prism’s Chapel of Roses for your wedding and/or reception and would like more information or to set up an appointment, please contact Tami Fenno by email at She will get back to you quickly.