Coworking Space

About the coworking space

We noticed that our church office and lounge space goes largely unused during the week. At the same time, coffee shops all throughout Pasadena are filled with work-from-home professionals.

A few of our members who have the option to work remotely decided to get together and open this space to the community for anyone who has a need.

Come join us for some free shared office space including 50 mb/s WIFI and pretty decent coffee (it’s not Copa Vida, but it’ll do). There’s also a kitchen with a fridge and microwave if you care to pack a lunch.


Get text updates of schedule changes: text EZJJI28493 to 797979

Schedule:     Tuesdays (9:30 to 5:30) and Fridays (8:30 to 4:30)

Cost:     Free (plenty of room!)


Contact:     Text Peter James at 818-282-0218 or

Location:     61 N. Hill Ave., Pasadena, CA 91106