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Prism Church Joins the Sojourn Network Family of Churches

It’s an exciting time to be part of Prism Church, as we’re not only growing but also focusing on our ability to cultivate community. We declared 2017 as “The Year of Health,” and our leadership has accordingly been closely assessing areas where our church needs to take steps forward.  Along those lines, we’re excited to announce that Prism Church has moved it’s church association into the Sojourn Network family of churches.


For more information about the Sojourn Network, visit

In the spring of 2009, Pastor Chuck was assessed and approved by the Acts 29 Network to plant a church in our area. In the eight years since, Acts 29 has experienced many changes and narrowed their focus, as they’ve doubled in size. Our initial purpose in being part of the Acts 29 Network was that it was a mission-oriented group of churches that provided theological and moral oversight for our non-denominational church.

In recent years as Acts 29 has grown much larger, smaller groups of missionally aligned churches from within it have begun to function as independent church associations. One such group is the Sojourn Network, whose Executive Director (Dave Harvey) spoke at Prism in early May. Prism’s Elders and staff had been in dialogue with Sojourn for the past few months, and Dr. Harvey’s visit to Pasadena confirmed for us that this move would help improve the overall health of our church.

Prism Church is a non-denominational church, which means that our official church planting association serves as our oversight body. Because nearly all of the Sojourn Network churches have come from Acts 29, the framework for our new church association is nearly identical and therefore doesn’t require any adjustments or accommodations from the standpoint of our existing theology, mission or methodology.

Finally, Pastors Chuck and Brooks have deep friendships with pastors already in the Sojourn Network. One church in particular, Four Oaks Community Church, resides in Pastor Chuck’s hometown of Tallahassee, Florida. Chuck has spoken at the church numerous times over the years, is close family friends with some of their elders, and has been friends with their lead pastor for over twenty years (they both did youth ministry together in Florida’s Capital City).

Thank you to Dave Harvey and his staff at the Sojourn Network for their gracious reception of our church into their family of churches. We look forward to many years of fruitful partnership.

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