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Prism’s Mission : “The Call to Revive Believers”

This summer Prism Church has committed itself to re-communicating the vision and mission of our church. The hope in these brief essays is that what we do as a church will be more clearly understood in light of our specific purpose for existing.

Prism Church exists to Revive Believers, Reach Friends and Renew Culture for the glory of Jesus Christ.

Before Prism launched on 10/10/10, a demographic study was commissioned which showed that one of the largest population groups in our region (religiously speaking) was those who “used to go to church.” And these ‘de-churched’ people come from all denominations.

Pastor Chuck Ryor was raised a Roman Catholic and experienced new life in Christ for the first time at a Pentecostal church. Subsequently, he was discipled through a interdenominational campus ministry and attended non-denominational, Methodist and Presbyterian churches. 

One of the reasons Chuck went to seminary was to better understand how to communicate the Gospel of God’s grace across denominational lines. This passion to clearly communicate the reality of a Christian’s genuine status with God has been Chuck’s heart since his conversion.

As Prism Church was planted, the first component of our church’s mission was born of Pastor Chuck’s gifts and life mission: to help existing believers (particularly those who’ve disconnected from Christian community and church) understand with clarity what it means to be secure in Christ. Once assured of their eternal destiny, and motivated by His grace alone, Christians are then in the correct posture to love God and serve others.

There is no question that God’s Word directs the church to be involved in His mission to communicate the Gospel of reconciliation. As well, we’re to demonstrate that same grace through the church’s efforts to pursue justice and extend mercy to our community. But the evidences of faith come from a genuine encounter with Christ and His Gospel.

Prism Church exists primarily to enable believers to grow in the Gospel Grace that will fuel them to do the mission of God in the world. That’s why we say we’re “Gospel-Centered” church.

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