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Reaching Friends: Participating in His Mission

Prism Church exists to Revive Believers, Reach Friends and Renew Culture for the glory of Jesus Christ

It’s an axiom that seems so simple, yet it is so unheeded by so many Christians: “Most come to faith through friends and family, so leading a person to Christ requires relationships with those who don’t know Him.” Recent studies reaffirmed the spiritual reality that if you want to participate in God’s work of helping people find relationship with Jesus (highlighted through Prism’s mission to REACH FRIENDS), your first step should be to assess the life space you’ve made for unbelievers.

“What made the real difference with the unchurched were personal relationships. The majority who find Christ, look back and say that it was a friend who influenced them toward faith.” – Christianity Today *

If this makes logical sense to us, then our inattention to this part of Christ’s mission can only be explained by ignoring His call to participate in it, or admitting that we’re indifferent to the fate of those who will “die in their sins,” as Jesus said in John 8:24. Prism contends that both of these two responses displease the Lord and grieve His Holy Spirit.

However, our lack of zeal for REACHING FRIENDS may have a more simplistic explanation – we really don’t have any friends who aren’t churchgoing people. This is a situation that is more easily remedied than you might think. We each have a so-called life “orbit” that includes work, family, recreation and neighbors. For many Christians, the easy fix to missional non-participation is to avail themselves of new friendships.

The lack of zeal to REACH others has become part of the reputation of some theologically orthodox churches (the moniker ‘frozen chosen’ didn’t spring from nowhere). Doctrinally precise people need to come to terms with their disobedience and then repent of it as they would any other sin. The good news is that grace-driven repentance leads to renewed relational pursuit of God, and missional repentance has the similar step of pursuing friendships with people who don’t know Jesus.


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