CHRISTMAS EVE AT PRISM. Next Sunday we will have ONE morning worship service at 11:00 am, and then have a CHRISTMAS EVE CANDLELIGHT SERVICE at 6:00 pm. The two services will be different in music and message. Hope you and yours can join us. Merry Christmas!



PRISM MIDDLE SCHOOL COMMUNITY GROUP DONE FOR YEAR. Middle School group starts up again on January 7. If you want more information, contact our Middle School Minister, Cody Walter:

GIVING AT PRISM During the Response of Worship portion of our service, we receive offerings in the boxes at the front of the chapel. You can also contribute via our website, as well as through our new giving app (that you can download by visiting the GIVE section of webpage).

END OF YEAR GIVING AT PRISM CHURCH.  First of all, THANK YOU for your giving throughout the year to our general fund budget. Through your faithful giving to Prism, we function in a healthy way, not needing to overemphasize monetary needs. If you have giving you plan to do this month toward this end, we are grateful for your commitment. Here at the end of 2017 we realize there are a number of quality non-profit organizations that would benefit from your financial  support. May God bless you as you seek to help others expand God’s Kingdom for the Glory of Jesus.

That said, our Elders invite you to consider supporting Prism Church in a couple of ways. In addition to our ongoing operational needs, if you have extra funds which you plan to donate to charity at this time, here are four different “EXTRA PROJECTS” (not included in our budget) that we have going at Prism:

Facility Improvement Fund – With our growing Kindergarten thru 5th grade ministry, we’re planning to expand our back “Community Room” with a covered patio area to accommodate the kids. In addition to more Children’s Church space for our K-5 kids, this outdoor area will benefit our weekday “Shared Office Space” ministry. We also have a variety of other “fix up” needs around the church.

Mission Indonesia Exploration 2018 – Prism will begin our expanded missions effort by sending an exploratory team to Indonesia in June, 2018. This team will assess how our current ministry dollars are being spent, explore additional needs we can meet and make plans for recurring short-term missions to that part of the world.

Redemption Group Immersion Conference 2018 – Our Pastoral Care Team of six will be starting a “Redemption Group” ministry in 2018 (more details to come). Part of the training process requires our team to all attend an “Immersion Training” Conference. Prism’s Redemption Group ministry will provide recovery support for a variety of addictions, including drugs, alcohol, food and pornography.

Budget Reserve Fund – Our Finance Team and Elders have heeded the counsel we’ve received and are actively building an emergency budget reserve fund. We’ve been told that this fund should responsibly total three months of our monthly budget.

If you are interested in giving to one of these four “EXTRA PROJECTS,” be sure to make a notation on your check for that specific fund. If you have any questions, contact Shelvy Huffman (