Prism’s Birthday Post #1: Our Mission Plan


As we celebrate all that God has accomplished in and through Prism Church in eight short years, it seems appropriate to revisit our Vision, Mission and Strategic Plan.  This week on our blog we’ll be revisiting our Missions Plan, Ministry Strategy and our Next Steps. To God be the Glory, for great things He has done!

OUR MISSIONS PLAN…Radical Generosity

From the outset the Lord had placed a particular burden on the heart of our pastor: Prism was to be a radically generous church. This is not a new idea, as it is encouraged and commanded in Scripture. But Pastor Chuck’s experience with large churches had given him a perspective about why churches have often been prevented from carrying out this mandate. 

Many churches have overburdened their budget with staff and facility costs. The notion is that once the church pays off its gigantic mortgage, they will then be generous in their giving to missions and mercy. However, these churches often grow numerically which means they feel compelled to borrow even larger sums of money to expand the physical plant, which further delays the future date of radical generosity to missions and mercy. 

Additionally, as many churches grow numerically they expand their staff in order to serve the expanding church population. This is often done in place of prioritizing the training and coaching of qualified church members instead of paid staff. Staffing currently comprises the largest portion of our budget.  In the future the percentage of the budget committed to staffing will get smaller (even as the gross amount of money given to staff increases with the budget getting larger). The growth of staff will slow as our budget grows so we can be radically generous to missions and mercy.

Our Mission’s Plan is subsidized by our pre-commitment to raise the percentage of our giving to mission and mercy as our budget grows. Every time our budget moves to a new budget threshold, we will raise the percentage given to missions by 2.5%. We have an congregational approved budget that plans on offerings of just under $400,000  (we based our missions giving on congregational offerings and not ancillary rental income). We give away 17.5% of our current budget – when our offerings exceed $400,000, we will give 20%, and so on until we reach $1,000,000 in offerings – at which point we will be giving 50% of our budget to this special category of radical generosity.

Our plan is to prioritize the pioneering of church planting partnerships and missions, especially with people who are leaving our church to serve the Lord elsewhere. We believe these Prism-sent church planting partnerships will yield the most fruit for God’s kingdom and our congregation. We have the opportunity to know and love our missionaries, supporting them both financially and through prayer. We intend to send annual short-term mission teams to serve and revitalize these planters and their teams.

Chuck Ryor