New Weekly Column: Prism Links

Alongside our new website, we will be launching a new blog. The purpose of our blogging efforts will be to connect the community Prism church together through thought-provoking post that supplement our weekly study of the word, both during the Sunday services and our weekly community group gatherings. We hope that these posts will stimulate you to go deeper into God’s word!

Every week, we will kickoff with a collection of links representing a cross-section of topics related to the global church. Some of these will deal with controversies that are in the headlines. Others will be interesting takes on cultural topics. Some will represent a secular perspective on what is happening in Christianity around the world. At the end, we will also include a “classic” article to encourage you!

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Why Christian Movies are so Terrible

In the last few years, there has been a rash of movies aimed at evangelical audiences. For the most part, these have been lifeless and artistically empty films. In fact, it seems like the most thought-provoking examinations of faith have come from non-Christian filmmakers (see 2018’s First Reformed, for example, directed by Paul Schrader). Jared Wilson has some interesting ideas about why this is the case.

Grown Men are the Solution, Not the Problem

The APA released guidelines recently asserting that “traditional masculine identity” was harmful. With the rise of the #metoo movement, there seems to be a lot of evidence for this. David French examines the issue informed by his Christian faith—masculinity needs to be recentered rather than eliminated.

Ukraine’s Orthodox Church Separates from Russia

After years of persecution and marginalization under the Soviet regime, the Russian Orthodox Church has had a strong resurgence in the last twenty years as the Russian government has promoted it as an important aspect of their nationalist identity. In many ways, this mirrors the old alliance between Tsar and Church that was a feature of the pre-communist Russian state. This alignment, however, has been controversial within the broader Orthodox community, particularly in Ukraine. Recently, the part of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church broke away from Russia. This article summarizes the interplay between church and government politics.

Andy Stanley Says the 10 Commandments Don’t Apply to Us

Andy Stanley is a popular megachurch pastor who has been making waves recently by downplaying the importance of the Old Testament. He is wrong. But Christians are not always good at articulating what the significance of the Old Testament is. Here are a pair of articles that will help analyze what he is saying and why it is troublesome:

Andy Stanley, the 10 Commandments, and Jesus

Andy Stanley and the Dismissal of the OT

Missionaries from the Global South Try to Save the Godless West

The center of global Christianity has been undergoing a slow but inexorable shift from a Western dominated church to a Latin American and Sub-Saharan African dominated church. In a few years, there will be more Christians in Africa than in Europe and the United States combined. The result of this has been a growing movement of missionaries from Africa and Latin America to Europe and North America. This article from the Economist (which requires you to register for the website) examines this phenomenon from a secular perspective.

Introduction to the Death of Death in the Death of Christ

For our first classic articles series, we picked one of the greatest articles of the 20th century. J. I. Packer, while he was still in his late 20s, was tasked with writing an introduction to one of the great works of Puritan polemics. The resulting essay was a challenging and refreshing restatement of the central importance of the great doctrines of grace. We encourage you to take some time to carefully read and reflect on this powerful presentation of the power of the gospel!

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