Prism Links--Oct 3rd

Some interesting articles to spur your thinking this week!

Flawed Heroes and Virtuous Villains

When I used to work for The Navigators, I idolized the founder of the organization, Dawson Trotman, after reading a biography of him called The Navigator, which portrayed him as an idealized evangelist/strategist/genius. In truth, he did have a huge impact and changed countless lives. Later on, however, I read much more complicated accounts of his life that portrayed him as much more flawed than I realized. I still had a positive and admiring view of him, but it was balanced by understanding his very really struggles with sin. This article talks a bit about our desire to idealize Christians from the past and the need to keep their flaws in mind.

Kanye West Invites Seminary Grad to Preach

In case you’ve been under a rock the last few weeks, some interesting stuff is going on with Kanye West. First, the title of his new album is Jesus is King, and it is apparently full of gospel-centered music. Second, he recently invited a seminary grad to preach the gospel at one of his shows. Interesting stuff! Let’s be praying for him and for his influence.

Malcolm Gladwell’s Advice When Talking to Strangers

America’s favorite intellectual gadfly recently published a book. Gladwell is an incomparable story teller; if you haven’t listened to his Revisionist History podcast, you should. However, as a person with actual insight, there seems to be a somewhat diminishing return over the last few books. This review gets to the heart of the problem with Gladwell—his theses are so broad, that almost all information can be incorporated into them. This makes for great storytelling, but little insight.

The Balloon Boy Hoax—Solved!

Absolutely fascinating look at a memorably weird event in our history, an event which has never really been satisfyingly explained. There isn’t anything particularly spiritual about this—I just thought it was fascinating! Enjoy and have a great weekend!