Prism Links--Week of Feb 11th

Foster Care and Spiritual Formation

We talked this week in church about Safe Families; along those lines, this short account of how participating in foster care contributes to spiritual formation is worth a read. We want to be a church that is caring for the most vulnerable parts of our community!

Blackface isn’t just about the racism of America’s Past

If you have been paying any attention to the news, you have seen the turmoil in Virginia over several prominent politicians history with blackface. While blackface is often a regional tradition, it has influenced the mainstream portrayal of African-American characters even to this day. Understanding how racism in the past can continue to resonate into the present helps us understand the experiences of our black brothers and sisters, as well as work together to a greater unity in the body of Christ. This article is a helpful overview, but I will also link to this article from the National African-American Museum, as well as this more comprehensive look at the history of the symbols.

Infanticide Becomes Justifiable

This week, the Supreme Court narrowly refused to hear an important abortion case, but there is a lot of speculation that in the future, Roe v Wade may be partially or entirely overthrown. This is thrusting abortion back into the public consciousness, with new laws being passed to protect abortion in New York and in the works in Virginia (it was these laws that inadvertently sparked the present controversy! This article is a somewhat pessimistic take on where the culture is moving, and a good reminder that the church has a role to play as witness in the midst of it.

Why your short term missions trip probably isn’t alleviating poverty

A bracing yet strangely hopeful look at how missions and church planting are changing, and why we need to change our expectations and aims with them!

The Lutheran Pastor Calling for a Sexual Reformation

Nadia Bolz-Weber pastors a small church in the Denver area, but has managed to wrangle a public profile far beyond what she deserves mainly for her prolific profanity, and her insistence that she is a Christian despite publicly defaming everything about Christianity. As a result, she gets glowing profiles like this in the New Yorker. It is not hard to see though that she neither understands the gospel nor Luther nor the Bible. Nonetheless, her brand of progressive Christianity—sexually promiscuous, gender undermining, yet claiming allegiance to the Bible—is probably the battle of the future. Read and prepare.

A Simple Way to Pray

Speaking of Luther, let’s go to him for this week’s classic article. Believe it or not this is a letter to his barber on how to pray. I think you will find it encouraging! May God bless your week!

Steven Crawford