Prism Links--Week of Feb 18

Your Suffering is Never For Nothing

Elisabeth Eliot’s story is well-known (if you haven’t read Through Gates of Splendor, you should!). In this short article, she attempts to give context and meaning to the suffering that she experienced. This is encouraging and inspiring and sobering set of reflections!

What is the Transgender Agenda, and How Should Christians Respond?

If you watch the news or pay attention to pop culture, you will notice that the last few years have seen an explosion of discussion and presentation of people who identify as transgendered. It is easy to feel out to sea on this issue, especially when it seems like any digression from the standard viewpoint is shouted down as bigotry. This article from Modern Reformation magazine is thorough but vital for understanding how to respond!

Rare LA Megastorm is COMING SOON

Don’t say you weren’t warned! Seriously though, this is kind of terrifying. We live in LA right? This is talking about the place where we live. Just when you were getting done feeling grateful for the end to the drought, California hits you with devastating floods.

Was the Civil War About Slavery?

Black History Month is a perfect time to tackle one of the most repeated myths about the Civil War—that it was really about states’ rights, or federal overreach, or anything other than what it was actually about. Blogger Bradly Mason, a reformed Christian, allows the perpetrators of the Civil War to speak on what they conceived it as.

Classic Article: Charles Hodge on the Perspicuity of the Scriptures

The perspicuity of the Scripture is a vital but often misunderstood doctrine. Hodge was one of the best who ever wrote. Learn and enjoy!

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