Prism Links, Week of Feb 4th

Warning: Author of this column is a huge Patriots fan, and may or may not include a column about how awesome they are. You have been warned.

You Might Need Marriage Couseling

In the last season of The Office, the ideal couple Jim and Pam hit some bumps and decide to go to marriage counseling. This is presented as something that they are both ashamed to talk to people about, and when Jim shares it with a co-worker, he responds as though Jim was announcing his divorce. This is a pretty accurate portrayal of our attitude in the church—if someone told you they were going to marriage counseling, you would immediately assume that the marriage was in trouble! At Prism Church, we really value believers going deeper with Christ, including bringing Christ more fully into marriages. What if marriage counseling was the norm, not something down only to “save” a marriage? This article has some great thoughts.

Ease is the New Vice

Interesting article from Christianity Today about how the desire to live comfortably is as much a barrier to the movement of the gospel as other more traditional vices.

For Beaver Believers, Salvation Lies in a Once-Reviled Rodent

Most people know beavers from CS Lewis’ Narnia books—in fact, because of the popularity of that depiction, there is still a widespread notion that beavers eat fish (they don’t). I was never interested in beavers until I read this book, and now I think about them all the time. This article discusses the lasting impact, mostly unstudied and unappreciated, that beavers have had on the very topography of our country.

What is Baptism in the Holy Spirit?

Baptism in the Holy Spirit meant different things to John Wesley, John Calvin, and modern pentecostals. The Biblical evidence is not as clear as other topics. Jared Wilson gives a helpful overview of a much-misunderstood doctrine.

Why We Love to Hate the Patriots

This article will remind Patriots fans that the won the Super Bowl yesterday, and help non-Patriots fans cope with their bitter Patriots hatred. Win-win!

Classic Article: Human Inability

Sending you off into the week with this classic discussion of God’s grace and free offer of salvation to lost sinners by Charles Spurgeon. Enjoy and be refreshed!

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