Prism Links--Week of March 18th

Hello Prism Church! Hope you had a wonderful and are fixing up to have an incredible week! Here are a couple links for you to meditate on…

We Need to Talk About Your Behavior at the Superbloom

If you haven’t heard, all the rain has produced a somewhat rare phenomenon called the “Superbloom” (which is a pretty great name to be honest)—certain areas, like Walker Canyon around Lake Elsinore and Antelope Valley, are completed coated with poppies. It is pretty incredible and beautiful. My wife and I visited one site a couple weeks ago, and since then, the location has completely spiraled out of control. They actually had to shut down access on the weekend! I drive by it a few times a week and people are completely out of control. The site is beautiful and worth seeing but if you decide to go, here are some guidelines!

The Weakness and Strength of Being an Autistic Christian

A seminary mate of mine wrote this post, and it helped me see faith and Christianity through someone else’s eyes and through their unique experience. I think that is very valuable. We belong to a global community of believers with different backgrounds and perspectives and strengths and weaknesses, and God made us that way for our mutual strengthening. Read and grow in empathy.

Vaccination and the Christian Worldview

Thinking about autism reminded me that we are currently experiencing renewed outbreaks of diseases that we completely solved, all because people want to avoid their child potentially becoming autistic. Not only is this deeply insensitive to the experiences and strengths of our autistic brothers and sisters, it is also completely unscientific. This article helps Christian think through the issues.

The Ancient Heresy Driving Modern Identity

Here is an interesting article from the Gospel Coalition connecting present day issues with identity back to Gnosticism. Not sure if the parallels entirely hold up, but some interesting food for thought.

Classic Article: John Calvin on the Image of God

Always good to read and reflect on the image of God and what it means for us as we navigate this fallen world. John Calvin is a good guide!