Prism Links--Week of March 25th

Here some links to enjoy this week!

Earnest Prayer

We are fasting and praying together this weekend. We do this regularly as a church but it takes on a special urgency during the Lenten season, not because there is something innately holy to this time, nor because we are endeavoring to “prepare” ourselves in some special way. No, we as a church are laboring to mark this time with a special focus on prayer. This article focuses on what it means to pray with urgency and sincerity.

Glorious Humility

One of the mysteries of the Incarnation of Christ is that the clothing of his divine glory in human form served as a cause for the grand and cosmic magnification of it! We are moving towards Easter, when we remember in a special way the humiliation of Christ on our behalf, and the suffering he underwent throughout his passion. All of it was antecedent to the glory of the resurrection! Wesley Hill has a short but pungent reflection.

Liberty of Theological Expression is Challenged From the Left and Right

I’m increasingly convinced that religious liberty will be THE issue for Christians in the next twenty years. It is already nearly impossible to present a Christian ethic in pop culture—recently the actor Chris Pratt came under attack for merely attending a church that wasn’t explicitly affirming of same sex relationships. This article is a brief look at a few places where religious liberty is under attack.

May SSA Christians have non-sexual romantic relationships?

SSA stands for “same-sex attracted” and it is a common appellation for Christians who are trying to live biblically faithful lives while experiencing same-sex desire. The openness and discussion around this topic is mostly fruitful and represents a healthy break with how stigmatized the issue was in the past (although it was often discussed far more frankly in earlier eras of Christian history). However, there are many dangers and Sam Allberry (himself a SSA Christian) offers a good correction to a recent trend.