Prism Links--Week of April 15th

Must Women Really Keep Silent in the Churches?

Starting of the week with some controversy! Just kidding…this is a pretty balanced look at a difficult passage. We do believe that the role of public preaching belongs to male elders, according to Scripture. But this needs to be carefully understood to keep it free from misogyny. Prism Church wants to encourage and support female leaders!

An Interview with Robert Caro

If you have never read Robert Caro, either his LBJ biographies, or his magnificent look at the life of Robert Moses, the builder of New York City, you should. I will read anything by him or about him…he is THE historian of power and work is filled with themes that Christians should meditate on and consider! This is a fascinating interview

Preachers and Sneakers

Before I found this account, I honestly thought that the most expensive sneakers you could buy were like $200 dollars. Suffice to say that our staff team does NOT suffer from this problem. This Instagram account burst into view a few weeks ago and has caused a lot of discussion around wealth, the church, the vanity of personal appearance, and even whether the whole think is a bunch of gossip!

An Evangelical Approach to AI

Thinking wisely and carefully about Artificial Intelligence, and all areas of technology, is vital for Christians. The ERLC has put together a good set of talking points to think through. Technological change, especially rapid change, produces a lot of angst and fear and worry; Christians must not worry!

The Time Jesus Shared Depressing News

Good reflections for us as we approach Easter! Suffering is coming, but the one who himself suffered is with us and is able to help us.