Prism Links--Week of April 22nd

The week started with a tragedy as churches and hotels in Sri Lanka were bombed in a coordinated attack on Christians and Westerners (often conflated in the Muslim world) by Islamic extremists. We tend to exaggerate the amount of persecution we go through here in America, sometimes talking about the minor inconveniences of having our faith made fun of in popular culture as though they were existential threats. It is good to remember that we are in solidarity with our brothers and sisters around the globe, many of whom are maintaining a witness in conditions of great oppression and difficulty.

When Christians are Under Attack, Muslims and the Left Need to Defend Them

Medhi Hassan is a Muslim and leftist writer with whom I often disagree. It was interesting to read his call for defending Christians around the world. As Christians, we should expect hostility and persecution from the world, but God will place people and voices in strategic places who will preserve his people and protect them from hostility.

After Jim Eliot—the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

One of the most famous stories in modern missions is the martyrdom of Jim Eliot and his four companions. Through the literary gifts of his widow Elisabeth, countless Christians have been encouraged by his story, although there has gathered around him and the mission carried on by his wife a somewhat mythic quality that is intimidating. It is good to remember that the real hero of missions is God, and the work is ultimately his. This article re-examines the mission that Jim Eliot left behind, looking unflinchingly at its successes and failures.

Thank God for Western Values

Tom Holland is one of my favorite authors, and you have never read any of his works, you should consider it. I particularly recommend Persian Fire and In the Shadow of the Sword. In the wake of the fire in Notre Dame, Holland takes a look at how Western values, often assumed uncritically by people hostile to Christianity, were formed and shaped by the Christian tradition.

All 21 Marvel Movies, Ranked

Sorry, couldn’t resist it. I am personally very excited for Endgame this weekend, the 22nd film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and surely one of the most ambitious, expansive, and downright ridiculous pop culture events ever. I like almost all of the Marvel movies, and really like a few of them. I disagree with some of the choices on the list so here is my personal list, for you to agree with or disagree with as you see fit:

21. Iron Man 2

20. Incredible Hulk

19. Thor 2

18. Thor

17. Dr Strange

16. Age of Ultron

15. Iron Man 3

14. Ant Man

13. Captain Marvel

12. Guardians of the Galaxy

11. Spiderman: Homecoming

10. The Ant Man and the Wasp

9. Captain America 1

8. Black Panther

7. Iron Man

6. Infinity War

5. Guardians of the Galaxy 2

4. Civil War

3. The Avengers

2. Thor: Ragnorak

1. Captain America 2