Prism Links--Week of April 1st

What Youth Workers Want to Tell Parents About Technology

First up this week is an insightful article regrading technology and teenagers, although in my assessment, many of the principles apply beyond merely young people. Technology is changing so rapidly, it is difficult to keep up. Without being scared of technology in itself, we should remember that every technology is colonized almost immediately by human sin.

Evangelism and Social Action are Close Friends

We often separate “the gospel” from political or social action. While this seems normal to a lot of people, it would have seemed very strange for missionaries in the past. Since the church began, social action and evangelism have gone hand in hand—an example of this is Gregory the Great, an early church leader who sold his entire inheritance in order to provide support for the poor in Rome, while simultaneously working tirelessly to send missionaries to England, Germany, and elsewhere.

A Pro-Natal Proposal for America

Abortion is the most polarizing issue in America. Sometimes it seems impossible even to have a conversation about it, with both sides seeing any accommodation, even conversation, as a betrayal. I know in my experience even the suggestion that Christians pursue other ways of reducing abortion than simple legal prohibition is treated with moral outrage and a sense that I was “going soft.” If we believe that abortion is the ending of a life, we should work in both positive and negative ways to reduce it—and this proposal helps think through things in a new way. What if the economic pressure to have an abortion was suddenly absent? What effect would that have on abortion rates?

China Shuts Down Another Big Church in Beijing

Let’s end with this—a sobering inducement to pray, pray, pray for our brothers and sisters in China. Persecution is on the rise after a relative period of calm and restraint. This is because Christianity is deeply upsetting to the social order and the sense of control the party can maintain. As in the days of Rome, so it is now. Let’s be in prayer, daily, earnestly! If one part of the body suffers, the whole body suffers!