Prism Links--Week of May 13th

Here are some encouraging and inspiring and sobering links to encourage you in your walk with God this week!

Why I Always Pray at the End of the Day

My wife and I started praying together at the end of every day early on in our marriage. It has become both a cherished ritual, and a way for us to take all the concerns and worries of the day to God. Both of us struggle from time to time with anxiety regarding the future; finances, family, and the many other pressure points of life can eat at us, as I imagine is true of most people. Regular, disciplined prayer keeps us focused on the goodness and power of God

Don’t Just ‘Share‘ the Gospel

In a few weeks, we will be talking as a church about one of our key distinctives—reaching friends. All of us are surrounded by people that need the love of Jesus, and we have been placed in their lives on purpose! This article is a good reminder about the importance of holistic approaches to evangelism!

When Broken People Show Up at Your Broken Church

When you look around our small church on Sunday, you will see that you are surrounded by broken people. This isn’t always evident from the way people speak and act. But all of us are struggling to one degree or another with the consequences of both our own sin, and sins that were committed against us. For many people, this is exacerbated by struggles with various degrees of mental illness. We want to be a community of healing that has love and patience and grace for the brokenness of every individual. This article is bracing reminder of this.

Were the First Christians Socialists?

Sometimes, but a superficial knowledge of socialism, as well as, it must be said, a superficial knowledge of Scripture, you will hear people claim that the early church was “communist” or “socialist” or some similar statement. Kevin DeYoung helps answer this question definitely, as well as shedding light on the real ethic of generosity that the present-day church sometimes lacks.