Prism Links--The All-Podcast Edition

Mixing it up this week with my links column—instead of articles, I thought I would recommend some deep dive podcasts to get you thinking about deeper issues. I love podcasts because of my two-hour commute to school and just in general I find the format to be useful. Here are a couple recommendations.

Gangster Capitalism

You probably heard about the college admissions scandal that recently rocked USC and other elite schools. I spent 8 years of my life working with USC students; during that time I watched the campus atmosphere grow more and more competitive as USC climbed the rankings and became more selective. This story hits a lot of modern anxieties—hyper-competitive college admissions processes, structural inequality in admissions, etc. Only two episodes in, but this podcast uses recreations of the transcripts to bring alive the conversations between the wealthy and worried parents and the facilitator that broke the law to get their children in.

To Live and Die in LA

True crime is a podcasting staple and this recent entry hits all of the beats: an unsolved murder, police incompetence, mysteries that get deeper as they are investigated. Sprinkle into this some of the classic elements of Los Angeles crime—the aspiring model, the chief suspect chased by the police after returning to LA for an audition! Gripping and mostly well-told story.

Mortification of Spin

There are a lot of great Christian podcasts out there but MOS sticks out because of the great mix of pastoral care, theological depth, and sharp-edged but ultimately warm-hearted humor. The hosts have great rapport with each other and are all impressively intelligent. This intelligence, however, never comes across as condescending or dismissive.


The World Cup is this summer and in celebration/remembrance of the 1999 US Woman’s team that won the whole thing, Sports Illustrated has put together a fascinating history of the team that will heir in the weeks leading up to the start of the tournament. A great mix of nostalgia if you were around in the 90s!