Prism Links for the week!

HBO’s Chernobyl—An Interview with the Creator

The most talked-about TV show the last few weeks was a miniseries that aired on HBO about the Chernobyl disaster. I watched and let me tell you, it is gripping and fascinating! Every part of it—the details of Soviet life even down to the buckets used to empty the garbage, the acting, the writing—was pitch perfect. Although some of the details have been disputed, especially with regard to nuclear power, overall the story is an sobering account of how bureaucratic systems can harm the people that get swept up in them, and the importance of truth.

David Platt Models How to Pray for the President

Try not to get political in these links, but politics kind of intruded into the church this week when Donald Trump stopped by a church in Virginia looking for prayer. Whatever your thoughts on the president, this article is an interesting look at how the pastor of the church responded. You don’t have to agree with his specific decisions to admire the integrity with which he handled the situation.

About Drag Queen Story Hour

The world is getting more and more interesting, but if you remember your Chinese curses…one of them is “May you life in interesting times.” Christians need to be prepared for how and in what manner they will respond to the waves that are crashing on our shores. Ten years ago, the thought of taking young children to see drag queens would have been unthinkable. Now what is abnormal has become normal. What will we do?

The Incarnation as Revelation

Let’s end this with a reflection. The primary miracle of our lives—that God became man, entering into our world and pitching his tent among us. The beauty and mystery of this miracle has been at the center of Christian devotion for centuries. Here is an article examining the revelatory aspect of it all—how God made himself known in Jesus.