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In NO LESS than 250 words, share what it means for you to be a Christian (define your faith as you would describe it to a friend who isn’t a believer), and tell how and when you came to faith.
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Public Membership Commitments
I, as a follower of Jesus Christ, invite the Elders of Prism Church to speak to me about areas of my life where they are concerned about my soul. In pastoral love and care, I ask them to bring to my attention obvious and unrepentant areas where the Word of God would direct me to live differently, for both my health and the health of our congregation. In response to the loving intervention of the Elders of Prism Church, I agree that in the event that I cannot respond affirmatively to their collective wisdom and direction, that I of my own accord will remove myself from membership at Prism Church. If I am not willing to do so, I agree that it is right and proper that they remove me from membership.