Our Mission… Radical Generosity

Prism is committed to missions in practice as well as philosophy. We believe Jesus when he says there is We will fund our mission and mercy efforts through a church commitment to increase the money we designate for ministry outside of Prism as our church budget grows.

Our approach to missions and mercy is threefold: helping locally, domestically and internationally.

To serve in this area, contact Abbi Atchison -

Local Mercy Ministry

Union Station Homeless Services

Elizabeth House

WCPC - Women’s Crisis Pregnancy Center

Church Planting

Internationally - Prism’s “Mission Russia” w/Steven & Tanya Crawford

Domestically - The Sojourn Network Church Planting Fund

Missionary Support

Indonesia - David & Ruth Lowe

Spain - Stephen & Ashley Speer

Helping at Home

Because Prism is increasingly giving money to missions, we don’t have the budget to add professional staff every time a need arises in our church. We also think that the Biblical prescription for church health is people within the church “body” finding their area of gifting and serving others with it.

Prism Church Service Teams

Each area of ministry in our church provides opportunities for you to use your gifts to serve our church and community.  Here is a list of our Teams and the person you should contact if you’re interested in serving:


Worship Team

Missions & Mercy

Youth Ministry

Children’s Ministry

Prayer Team

Building & Grounds Team

Finance Team


Media Arts 

Joe Chai

Abbi Atchison

Steven Crawford

Abbi Atchison

Ed Heupler

Chuck Ryor

Darlene Chai

Melissa Afable

Brian Anderson